I'm Nia Suardiaz

I have grown up by the sea, my star sign is Aquarius and I love to be in the ocean every day. My great passion is the new trend sport WING FOILING.

I am very fortunate to live in Tarifa, one of the most famous water sports meccas of the world.  Since I was a baby my parents took me to the beach all the time.

I started Windsurfing & Surfing when I was 4 years old. That is many years ago now and I always really liked it, but last year, I started to learn to Wing Foiling, which had a huge impact on me.  After a few tries I started flying and this sensation was just incredible for me. I got hooked up almost immediately and I could hardly wait until the next day to get on the water again and improve.

This year is my second year competing in the GWA World Cup Tour and Wingfoil Racing Tour.

It is not always just fun, sunshine & beach life. It is hard work training, commitment and staying focused.

Date of birth: 14.02.2007
Languages: Spanish (native language), German (native language), English
Home Town: Tarifa, Spain

Sailnumber: E14
Wingfoil: World Champion Junior 2022


I am really aware that we have to care for the ocean & nature, if we want to go on enjoying it as much as we do. I know that there are a lot of beaches of the world which are full of plastic and that a lot of animals are suffering. We try to avoid plastic and help to keep our beches clean. I support the team of NEREIDE a non-profit organization set up to develop conservation projects and improve the environment. I hope that everyone who loves to spend time on the water is also motivated to care about it.